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The explanation of the fates of Carlozo and Montgomery is accepted by everyone: police, Rex and the monkeys at the Monkey Hostel. And Top Town has hardly changed.  

Brought to you by the fine folks at the Suddsy Corporation, who have their busy little hands in just about everything. 

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Now that TC Montgomery's fate has been sealed, Rex, Boots and the remaining Redd Brothers argue their next step. As police sirens close in, Boots makes a drastic decision. 

Brought to you by Omniverall, good for whatever ails you or not.

Episode 22 of 23 (From the e-book Honk Honk, My Darling, available at Amazon:

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TC Montgomery is close to completing his elaborate and deadly plot of revenge. What will he do to the last witnesses to his crime? Will Rex and Boots be able to walk out of the tents factory, or will they meet the same fate as Carlozo? Find out the answers in this award-winning mystery parody that puts the hoo-hoo in whodunits. From the best-selling author of Politically Correct Bedtime Stories.

Brought to you by Chamberlain's Appease-Mints, guaranteeing your "Peace of mind in our time."

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Chapter 20, "No Peekie"

At the Plew Perfect Tents Factory, TC Montgomery finally reveals the dark incident in the past that fuels his vendetta against Reynaldo Carlozo, and drove him to kill Berndt Bork and Flying Fleming. And why is Reynaldo's wife gagged and tied to a wheeled chair? It's time for a little game of "Follow the Queen."

Brought to you by Okra-Dokies, the delicious frozen snack from "down Georgia way."

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Chapter 19, "Ace in the Hole"

Rex is certain that Top Town businessman T.C. Montgomery has had a hand in the killings of Berndt Bork and Flying Fleming, and that he has lured Carlozo to the Plew Perfect Tents Factory on the far side of town. He heads there with nothing but a hard head and an old pistol that may or may not work. What deadly surprises will he find there? Tune into this noir mystery and find out!

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After his escape from Kriehbel’s poker game, Rex runs back to the Club Bimbo to return the money he “borrowed” from Lotta. When she catches him in the act, we learn about her own gambling problems. What’s worse, Boots Carlozo has been abducted by the Redd Brothers from the club, and Rex finally figures out who is behind all the killings.

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While Rex is ringing his bell on the corner for charity, the donations kettle is filched right from under his nose. Who could've snuck in and cloated it without leaving any footprints? As Rex tries to recover the bucket, he is led on an adventure involving a sick friend, a dozen or so uncontrollable monkeys, and a miserly landlord who needs a stern lesson in the spirit of Christmas charity.

This heart-warming tale is brought to you by the Ludwig Coal Company, "just like mother used to burn."

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The poker game run by Slats Kriehbel, the Armless Wonder, is high stakes and dangerous. It was also a place frequented by both Berndt Bork and Flying Fleming, both now dead. Rex sneaks past the guards and, using money he stole from Lotta, gets himself a place at the table to gather dirt on the two murdered flyers. His curiosity is not appreciated by the management.

Brought to you by Sink Bomb! Blasting germs and odors to Kingdom Come!

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On his way to the poker game, Rex is attacked in an alley by Boots Carlozo, who then passes out inexplicably. He takes her to one place he thinks she’ll be safe: The Club Bimbo. However, the club’s owner Lotta is not in any mood to take in strays.

Episode 16 of 23 (From the e-book of the same name, available at Amazon:

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Rex tries to sort through his loose ends with Hobie Hoobler, the old blind newsie, but comes up with nanty as to who is killing the aerialists of Top Town. Our heroic bigshoe is forced to throw himself head first into some dangerous company to shake loose new clues.

Episode 15 of 23 (From the e-book of the same name, available at Amazon:

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Rex and Jimmy Plummett try to rescue Reynaldo Carlozo from the attacker who has dragged him into the alley. Rex pins the assailant down, then watches Carlozo run away. The attacker has family connections to other unsavory characters in the story. Rex and Jimmy end up at the Hi-Wire, and Jimmy tells Rex he can get answers to his questions about the murders by going to a certain high-stakes poker game.

Episode 14 of 23 (From the book of the same name, available at Amazon:

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Rex plays a sticky prank on Jimmy Plummett at the Hi-Wire. Jimmy gives him more flap on why Boots Carlozo is a “Black Widow”, then watches as someone dear to him gets accosted and dragged by the throat into an alley.

Episode 13 of 23 (From the book of the same name, available at Amazon:

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Those ginger-headed bastards, the Redd Brothers, have ambushed Rex in an abandoned blacksmith shop. The fight is interrupted by Detective Pinky Piscopink, who sends Missouri Redd and Maine Redd packing. Piscopink tries to get Rex to admit to the recent killings, but Rex is more determined than ever to solve the case, just to spite "Javert Junior". A search of Berndt Bork's shack turns up another piece of evidence connecting the two killings.

Brought to you by Genghis Kahn Hair Tonic, The Barbarian's Choice!

Episode 12 of 23 (From the e-book of the same name, available at Amazon:

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Chapter 11, "Calling the Bluff"

On his way to meet his client, Rex is interrupted by Mayor Eugene X. Brody and his entourage. Brody is dragging newspaper reporters around Top Town with him, trying to explain away his embarrassing presence in the ghetto’s cathouses the day before. Once he escapes, Rex finds that Carlozo has stood him up, but a couple of other playmates have come to pass the time.

Episode 11 of 23 (From the book of the same name, available at Amazon:

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On the way to breakfast at the Pie Car, Rex sees the newspaper stories about the death of Berndt Bork.  Later at the diner, his meal is interrupted by Fugitive-of-the-Hour, Boots Carlozo.  Their angry confrontation cools a little as they try and sort out the pieces of the deadly previous day, and Boots explains her connections with the murdered daredevils and her husband.

Episode 10 of 23 (From the e-book “Honk Honk, My Darling”, available at Amazon:

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After the accident that killed Flying Fleming, Rex sneaks back to Fleming’s shack to look for clues.  He finds something that shows Carlozo knew the other dead daredevils better than he has let on.  Boots Carlozo is nowhere to be found on the busy streets.  Before giving up for the night, Rex sets up a meeting with Carlozo the next morning.

Episode 9 of 23 (From the e-book “Honk Honk, My Darling”, available at Amazon:

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Getting roughed up by the police -- especially the midget Pinky Piscopink -- starts a new fire in Rex to solve his case and bring in Boots Carlozo.  He visits the last known paramour of Boots, Flying Fleming, who is none too happy to see Rex.  Fleming prepares his act for the evening, a high-dive into a shallow basin of water.  In front of Rex and his assembled audience, Fleming's platform breaks, and the daredevil is sent to his death.  Was it an accident, or murder?

Episode 8 of 23 (From the e-book of the same name, available at Amazon:

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Outside the Banana Peel, Rex is hassled by two policemen over the death of Berndt Bork and the damage done to Mayor Brody’s car.  One of these bulls is Detective Pinky Piscopink, a tenacious, sadistic midget who will become the bane of Rex’s existence.  After the interview, the cops warn Rex not to leave Top Town, but really, where the hell else would he go now?

Episode 7 of 23 (From the e-book of the same name, available at Amazon:

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Chapter 06, “Up the Ante”

Recovering from the clown blow-out at the Banana Peel, Rex is surprised by the appearance of his client, Reynaldo Carlozo.  Rex is still none too happy about being tossed bodily out of the aerialists’ bar and his client’s lack of help.  He tries to quit the case, but Carlozo shoves $100 into his hand and insists he remain on the job.

Episode 6 of 23 (From the e-book of the same name, available at Amazon:

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Chapter 05, “Jokers Wild”

After being tossed from Jimmy’s Hi-Wire, Rex runs into his old pal and partner in mayhem, Bingo.  Still in need of an alibi for his whereabouts, Rex decides to follow Bingo and hoist a few at the clown bar in town, the Banana Peel.  There he meets a menacing figure from his past, who insists that Rex owes him money.  This confrontation is all it takes to spark the clowns into a fight, a glorious, cackling, prop-strewn catastrophe that as usual destroys the interior of the bar.

Episode 5 of 23 (From the e-book of the same name, available at Amazon:

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After the murder of Berndt Bork, Rex needs to find his client and establish an alibi.  To find Carlozo, Rex heads for Jimmy’s Hi-Wire, the bar that caters to aerialists, wire walkers and trapeze artists.  There he meets unctuous Jimmy Plummett, the owner.  As he’s about to be tossed out, Rex tells the crowd that a flyer has been murdered.  Instead of waiting to learn the details, the superstitious group throws him out even faster.

Episode 4 of 23 (From the e-book of the same name, available at Amazon:

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Rex gets more dirt on Boots Carlozo from Lotta.  On his way to follow Boots' trail, he runs into Missouri Redd, one of the gang of vicious bastard roustabouts, the Redd Brothers.  After tangling with Missouri, Rex's newly cleaned duds have some embarrassing stains.  (Tip:  Always be careful when walking by the windows of the Monkey Hostel.)  Berndt Bork, the Human Howitzer, answers questions about his brief time with Boots, and as Rex watches, meets a grisly end while practicing his human cannonball routine. 

Episode 3 of 23 (From the e-book of the same name, available at Amazon). 

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Before he stars on his new case, Rex Koko realizes that he's overdue to get clean and presentable again, and goes in search of a nice boil-up.  He chooses as his destination for this the cooch joint known as the Club Bimbo, run by his old friend and former lover, Lotta Mudflaps. At this early hour, there's no floor show, but Rex catches Lotta as she discusses business with a dapper old gentleman. Later, Lotta and Rex recount old stories, as he prepares to re-emerge into the not-so-polite society of Top Town. 

Episode 2 of 23 (From the e-book Honk Honk, My Darling, available at Amazon: )

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The saga of Rex Koko, Private Clown begins as he is awakened from his hungover stupor in a haystack by trapeze artist Reynaldo Carlozo.  The haughty Carlozo gets Rex to join him in some painful calsthenics as he makes him an offer to find his wayward wife. 

Episode 1 of 23 (From the e-book Honk Honk, My Darling, available at Amazon: )

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